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Welcome to ADAFIN – Where compassion meets action, and every effort is a step towards a brighter tomorrow.


ADAFIN's vision extends beyond immediate relief; we envision a South Sudan where health is not a luxury, where poverty and injustice are relics of the past, and where every individual, especially women and girls, can thrive in dignity.

To coordinate, facilitate and implement strategies that save lives by restoring hope to the afflicted lives, empower communities through provision of humanitarian and development programs in areas of GBV, child protection, health, agriculture and peace building to achieve a just, free, dignified and self-actualizing society



ADAFIN, founded in 2017, stands as a beacon of hope in South Sudan, registered under the NGOs Act 2016 by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC). As a proud member of the South Sudan NGO Forum, we have been steadfast in our commitment to providing holistic humanitarian support since our inception.

Our Journey

In the complex landscape of South Sudan, ADAFIN emerged with a singular purpose – to alleviate ill health, combat poverty and injustice, and diminish human suffering. Our journey began with the solemn registration in 2017, marking the initiation of a transformative endeavor.

Women-Led, People-Centric

ADAFIN is not just an organization; it’s a movement led by women with a heart for humanity. We specialize in working alongside vulnerable women, girls, IDPs, and communities at large, aiming to uplift their health and dignity. Our approach is holistic, recognizing the interconnected nature of the challenges faced by our people.

Synergistic Solutions 

In our pursuit of a better South Sudan, ADAFIN employs a synergistic approach. We strategically operate in areas that contribute in tandem to the improvement of lives in our target communities. By addressing diverse needs, we aim to create a positive and lasting impact.

Registered and Recognized

Registered in accordance with the NGOs Act 2016, ADAFIN holds the endorsement of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), a testament to our commitment to transparency and compliance.

Member of South Sudan NGO Forum

As an active member of the South Sudan NGO Forum, ADAFIN participates in a collaborative effort to strengthen the impact of NGOs in the region, fostering a spirit of unity and shared commitment to humanitarian causes.

Meet The Team

Rachel Abuk

Rachel Abuk

Executive Director
With a vision to transform challenges into opportunities, Rachel Abuk is the driving force behind ADAFIN. Grounded in a passion for humanitarian causes, Abuk embarked on this journey to bring positive change to the lives of those in need.


Program Manager
She drives positive change as our Regional Manager. Committed to community empowerment, she oversee impactful projects, fostering collaboration and transforming challenges into opportunities. Join her on the journey to create a brighter, more equitable future.


Head of Finance
With a wealth of financial expertise and a commitment to transparency, Grace plays a crucial role in steering ADAFIN's fiscal health. Her strategic insights ensure that resources are allocated efficiently to support our mission.


Human Resource
With a focus on talent development and creating a positive work environment, Johnson ensures that ADAFIN's team is motivated and aligned with our humanitarian mission. Together, Grace and Johnson contribute significantly to ADAFIN's success.

Impact and Achievement

Program Highlights

ADAFIN’s flagship programs include construction and operationalization of Family Protection Centre (FPC) also known as One-Stop Centre (OSC) to specifically respond to the needs and care for sexual and GBV victims/survivors, and the formation of a functional State Level Multi-sectoral coordination mechanism for Ending Child marriage/GBV in Aweil. These initiatives (amongst others) have resulted in over 35,000 individuals being provided with holistic and sustainable lifesaving services to address a myriad of local issues.


  • Over 254 girls rescued from early/forced marriage and supported to enroll in various schools in Aweil East, Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.
  • Training of over 1000 community women leaders who now lead advocacy on women rights, awareness on dangers and risks of early/forced marriages and promotion of girl-child education.


Community Engagement

Engagement Activities 

ADAFIN actively engages with communities through workshops, training programs, awareness campaigns, etc. Notable events include our Annual Impact Gala, where we highlight ADAFIN’s achievements, impact stories, and future goals to attract high-profile donors and corporations, and Virtual Reality (VR) Experience, where we use VR to provide donors and partners with immersive experiences of ADAFIN’s projects, fostering a deeper connection.

Future Plans

Upcoming Projects 

ADAFIN is gearing up for Global Youth Summit. These include empowering youth globally through a summit focusing on leadership, entrepreneurship, and social change, and SDG Innovation Challenge focusing on collaborating with educational institutions to organize annual challenges for innovative solutions addressing SDGs.

With a vision for the future, ADAFIN remains committed to saving lives and restore hope, fostering a society that is just, liberated, dignified, and self-actualizing.

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The Company

ADAFIN prides herself on the unique roles it has played over the years for speaking on behalf of the voiceless, especially for the vulnerable women, girls and the marginalized segment of the society and being there for them when they needed the most.

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