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Breaking the Silence:
ADAFIN’s Unyielding Efforts Against GBV Child Prevention

In the challenging landscape of South Sudan, ADAFIN stands as a bastion of hope, unwavering in its commitment to eradicate Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and prevent child marriages. In the year 2023, the organization, despite facing numerous hurdles, achieved significant milestones that echoed across communities.

Breaking the Silence through Radio Talk Shows:
ADAFIN, in collaboration with Akol Yam FM, utilized the airwaves as a powerful tool to reach the hearts and minds of over 9,000 individuals weekly. These were not mere broadcasts but poignant conversations that shattered the silence surrounding issues that have plagued communities for far too long. Distinguished guests, including the Director-General of the State Ministry of Gender, Child, and Social Welfare, lent their voices to create awareness and advocate for change.

Community Mobilization and Sensitization:
Collaborating with the Ministry of Gender and other key institutions, ADAFIN orchestrated community mobilization and sensitization meetings. These sessions, held in Naivasha, Maper East, and Town East, were transformative, engaging 320 participants in vital conversations about social norms, GBV, collaborative efforts, and the crucial role of communities in championing the rights of women and girls.

A Call for Support Amidst Resource Challenges:
The impact of ADAFIN’s efforts is undeniable, but the journey is tough, and resources are stretched thin. In the face of these challenges, ADAFIN calls upon individuals, corporations, and donors to join hands in this critical mission. The call is not just for financial contributions but for active participation, for each person to become a catalyst for change. Every donation, every act of support is a step towards a South Sudan liberated from the shackles of GBV and child marriage.

Triumph Over Limitations:
The success stories emerging from ADAFIN’s initiatives, such as the impactful radio talk shows and community dialogues, speak volumes about the triumph of determination over limitations. Despite inadequate funding, the organization has become a beacon of change, sparking conversations and fostering awareness in places where it’s needed the most.

Hope Amidst Ongoing Changes:
Despite the challenges, there is hope. ADAFIN celebrates cases won in court, a decline in the severity of incidents, and increased awareness and involvement by stakeholders.
These are not just isolated victories but indicators of the transformative power of collective action.

Join ADAFIN’s Transformative Journey:
Every voice matters, every contribution counts. ADAFIN invites you to be part of this transformative journey. Visit our website or reach out to us to explore how you can contribute, participate, and amplify the impact. Together, let’s script a narrative of change, resilience, and triumph in South Sudan.

ADAFIN – Forging a Future Free from GBV and Child Marriage.

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